Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost forgot to title this one....

My blog friends! I am writing this from my new laptop. My amazingly wonderful husband purchased it for me and I love it. My friends very amazing (today's word of the day amazing) husband got us a sweet sweet deal. So even though I no longer facebook, I don't have a phone with internet, and I have to ask my 10 year old how to play the Wii, I have joined the century and now own a laptop. It' beautimous. I love it. Did I say that already? ok.
We have been very fortunate the last few weeks. Not only did I get this fantastic treat, but I also got another in my backyard. That's right folks. I am currently looking out my kitchen window at my nearly completed fence. We decided that it financially wise to put up one side for two reasons. A. We couldn't afford to fence in the whole thing without going into debt (that we just paid off totally. For the last time) and B. to keep from getting a lawsuit if the 2 year old next door gets hurt while we're gone since he loves our fence like Jack loves beanstalks. I thought it was a wise decision.
We did some boring stuff like getting Tim's car fixed. yay. But it was nice to be able to afford to get it fixed up.
Ooh! I got my hall recarpeted. The forest green carpet that showed every molecule of oxygen or anything else is gone. we go and lay on our nice new carpet and Nate makes carpet angels. My strange homeschool children.
I still need to post pictures of my new living room. Befores and afters. I promise I will. The girls are supposed to go to a sleepover Friday night and I'm hoping to get their room done. I am doing a Paris theme in there with black and pink and ditching the stripes. I'm also going to be doing some "mommy organizing". Which means I'm probably going to be hearing alot of "Hey where's my ....." in my future. Tough. You had it shoved under your bed for 4 months. I don't care if your super special silly band that glows in the dark got thrown away. Or sucked up in my vacuum. -eh that's another post I guess. Ranting from under a ten year old's bed. By-me.
I'm hoping to get our room done too so I can rest till Tim's brother and his family come down. I'm sure I'll find a gazillion more things to do before then though. I'm cursed with over active brain cells.
Next time I'm gonna talk about our testing choices since the blog is supposed to be about homeschooling. I guess.
Also, just a side note: As I'm typing this Blogger has been kind enough to point out my mispellings. Why is it that homeschool, facebook, and mispellings are spelled wrong; but gazillion isn't??? Just curious. Ok, have a great night.
blessings :)

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