Thursday, March 31, 2011

I have a blog?? I totally forgot!!

I know I'm super pathetic. I haven't been very faithful in the blogging department lately. Tim has been working till 9 every night which means I'm solo for bedtime nonsense, I mean duty. Every time one of the children gets up I have to go up there and put them back (and duct tape them in bed-haha) Which means if I'm down here in the computer room I have to hoof in up both flights of stairs to deal with their "problem". I don't think so. It's easier to sit on the sofa and watch for their doors to open and tell them to go back to bed. No movement required. Why is it that just the extra 1-2 hours of him not being here and the whole pajama, teethbrushing, pottying, stay in your bed, no in your bed, no you can't sleep on the floor, get into your bed, under your blankets, no you can't sleep in your underwear it's 30 degrees outside, put your clothes back on, no more water girls, no you can't have water, because you'll pee in your bed, because then I'll have to wash every blanket and sheet you can find to sleep with, no you can't sew in bed tonight, because I vacuumed up a needle in here this morning, yes you can read for 15 mins, because it's getting late, because I'm tired, because I dealt with all of this nonsense all day, and now I'm tired, yes you can go to the bathroom AGAIN, put your pants back on, oh man I need a valium or something. GET BACK IN BED!!! tires me out so much??? I don't get it.
I spent last Thursday painting my living room. It now matches my sectional that Tim bought for me. I no longer have a dark gray sectional and green walls with Christmas Green carpet going up the stairs. (The carpet used to be in the living room too, but I ripped that up the day we got the keys!) We are having the stairs and upstairs hall re-carpeted next week. We will just have to wait on the bedrooms (which have red carpet for some strange reason. Maybe the Clauses used to live here or something.)
I also (when we had spring for like a week) planted tons of stuff in the yard. Lilies, hollies, a tulip tree, tulips, dianthum, something else, sunflowers, honeysuckle, another flower I forgot, strawberries, and jasmine. I found out that my sycamore tree is trying to get into my house too. I was planting flowers and hit a root. Right next to my foundation. So I had to get the axe and deal with that. I also have several other roots above the ground getting ready to demolish my concrete path. That's my next project. yay.
Oh, we are now debt free too! It has been an exciting week around here. The only thing we have is the house which we are now starting to chip away at.
Regarding School: Has anyone been trying to figure out what to use for school next year? I keep going back and forth. I need to figure out what I need so I can make a budget for the convention book fair. I still have a little time and I'm hoping that I'll even be able to go to the book fair. That's the weekend my husband's brother and his wife and their son are coming down. It may be an in and out kinda thing, but I LOVE the book fair. When I nail down everything I wasn't to use I will post a list. And when I put my pictures into the computer I will post some of the new living room too. And my nice new privacy fence. Which is going to be started this weekend. We did the front part a few weeks ago. Now we are going to start the side fence. So the neighbor's 2 year old won't climb into my yard. when we aren't home. and try to swim in our pool (when we put it up). My friend Lisa uses me and my neighborhood as an example to her husband of how good they have it. They have a neighbor who steals their animals. I wish I had one of those neighbors. I offered for her to take my dog home. Maybe we'll get lucky. ya right. Anyway, sorry about my laziness. I don't know what I was thinking :)

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