Monday, May 23, 2011

Last day of school

Last Monday we tilled our garden and planted. I already have stuff sprouting!! It's very exciting. I can't wait to have fresh veggies growing.
Last week we went to the Celtic festival. We had a great time. They dress the kids up and we walked around for a while. The kids got to hold a giant sword, watch a dog herd ducks, see a bag pipe parade, and some very cool artifacts. We did leave earlier than anticipated because of rain, but it was a fun day.
We've been busy getting the house ready for company this weekend. Getting all of our yard work and a few things around the house. I repainted our kitchen chairs and our kitchen. I repainted all of our white trim. It's crazy how banged up stuff can get in such a short period of time. I'm really wanting to paint our kitchen orange, but that will have to wait until fall or winter. Right now I'm done with painting.
Ok, now about school. We have officially had our last day. Claire has a few more days left of math and Amber has a few more days of Jr. Analytical Grammar. We will work on our Latin and math over the summer, but I have no big plans as far as what we'll get done over our vacation. Every year I make these huge plans for our summer education, and then when it's time to start school I'm all like "Oh, we were supposed to get this done over summer. Man." I have some stuff that we might do or that we can do, but I'm not saying "WE ARE DOING THIS" at all. I guess I'm finally at a place where I'm being realistic about how things really go down around here! Honestly, summer is my vacation too. I'm tired after a school year. All the planning, teaching, planning, dealing with nonsense. I'm ready for some time off. I have lots of cool things planned for our summer time fun. It'll be great. I love summer.
Well, I'm tired from our day of errands. with 4 kids. Goodnight
blessings :)

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