Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Drumroll please, the results are in!!

Well, the results are in. I have been stressed out and I developed a twitch in my left eye waiting, but I finally got them! I got the email yesterday morning...test results. The girls tested two weeks ago and I've been "patiently" awaiting the arrival of the results. And they're in.

They both tested a few grade levels above what they are actually in. Amber tested for the 5th grade and her lowest rank was in study skills at 7.8. I don't give study skills a lot of credit since the card catalog is nearly obsolete now though. Her next lowest was 8.1 (math) and her highest (science) was 12.9. I am no idiot so I know that doesn't mean that she could do 12th grade science, but she did score higher than 99% of 5th graders in science. I can deal with that. She had 3 other 9's (which means in the top 90%) and a the rest were 8's (top 80%).
Claire scored higher than 99% of 3rd graders in 9 of the 12 categories tested. That scares me. After 7th grade I may not be able to even teach her anymore!! The rest were 8's and one 5th grade level, which was math and that is right on for her since she took 4th grade math this year. Regardless of how they did, they tried their hardest and I'm very proud of them. I know we did alot this year and worked very hard. Even in the years their tests were not at grade level in every area, we used it as a guide to know what needed work and what their strengths were. Great job girls!!

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