Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, that may not be the cool word anymore, but who said that I was still cool?? I am about two blocks past cool, 5 blocks past "bad" when "bad" meant good. I am about 3 blocks beyond phat and about a subdivision away from just about anything that resembles awesome. Yep. I'm dealing with it. But back to my DUH. I have joked about it before, but seriously folks. I forgot I had this blog. Yup. I have had a gazillion things on my mind lately.
Not to mention our crawfish day. Oh yeah baby. We bought 13 pounds of crawfish, which, by the way, had to be shelled. Anyone want to see my cut up bloody fingers? Ya. I'm typing this with my toes people. ha. I actually HAD to stop eating crawfish after #130 because I could NOT shell any more of those dang critters. That was our Father's day hoedown. We did enjoy though. I have enough to make myself some etouffe tomorrow. That'll be it.
Also, I had my inner protest of Father's Day. I have a wonderful husband who is superly amazing to our kids. He is a great dad so I can't really protest Father's day out loud. But inside I get SOO mad and angry and hurt about it. On the Christian radio station they were having callers tell them favorite memories and I protested the radio station for the 2 weeks before Father's Day. I just do better not dealing with the emotions that come with the whole holiday. Tim has 2 dads!! I mean really?? er.
Well, while I deal with my jealousy and type with my toes I'm sure you can understand why I have slightly forgotten about this mess of a blog.
I do have some exciting news though. I have been brainstorming for sometime now, and I have come up with several ideas to raise money for a well for Africa through Charity Water!! So exciting!! I'm going to organize a penny drive and a read-a-thon. I'm pretty excited. I'm going to get the paperwork going this week so whoot!!

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