Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Camping recap

Ok, so our camping trip was gazillion times better than our last one. For a few reasons I will neglect to mention and a few I will. # 1. No torrential downpours. #2. No flash flooding. #3. I didn't have to cook every meal for every person. #4. I didn't have to worry someone we were camping with was going to kill someone. (that last one is only half serious)

Here's the details for our more recent and fun camping trip:
Friday: So we got to our site and set up our tent and got some of our stuff unpacked. Our friends showed up and did the same. Then we took the kids down the trail from their site and went fishing and swimming for a few hours. We went back to hang out for a few more hours and headed back to our site. We slept pretty good. Once the family in the site near us decided to stop screaming. Of course we were up with the sun and after an amazing breakfast we were back in the lake. For the whole day. It was very relaxing. We ate dinner and fished a little. Made some smores and went back to the tent for some UNO and then hit the...ground. We had a super time and loved being in nature. The most memorable thing for me: laying there the first night and all of the kids freaking out because they could see the stars through the roof of the tent. We decided, since the chance of rain was 0% to leave the cover off the top. That was pretty cool. Great trip. Can't wait to do it again :)

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