Friday, July 8, 2011


There are not many things I hate. I used to hate when the radio people talked forever. I'm (mostly) over that now. I used to hate the news, now I watch it all the time. Two things I have come to hate in life: septic tanks and rain. Now don't get me wrong; I don't hate rain. Only rain associated with my septic tank. There is a difference; allow me to explain.
See, we have a septic tank. Yep, I bet you see where I'm going with this. It's not just any septic tank either. It's situated about 12 feet from our house, lovely. Apparently the geniuses who built our house in 73, and every other house in our neighborhood, decided to not do what should have been done, and only put in two lines and did not perk the ground when doing so. When we get a significant amount of rain here, thanks to red clay and poor workmanship, our septic tank, instead of draining water, fills with water. That's right folks.
We bought this great product called Aero Stream. It helps tremendously. Really, no sarcasm. Until last week. When we realized our tank was full and that it hadn't rained in over a week. So, we had it pumped and realized something was leaking into our tank. So, naturally, we call a plumber. Apparently, no one can figure out what is causing this. Even with water shut off to the house...still dripping. It ended up being our air conditioner unit saturating the ground with water and dripping into our tank. It's totally fixed now. Ran some piping and its draining on the other side of the yard now. yay. Which means that everything is back to normal. yay.
This whole thing also made me realize: I know way more than I ever wanted to about septic tanks. And toilets, and phalanges, and anything else I may have picked up along the way.
So the rain is growing my garden, and keeping my grass green. It also keeps me from having to water my flowers every single morning, and the garden, and all the other things that may need watering. But while I'm sitting here and typing this, listening to the rain, I still can't help hoping that my septic tank is not filling with water :)
As a garden side note: The squash is doing amazing, the cucumbers are coming in great, as are the green beans. Tonight I saw a few cherry tomatoes that are almost red enough to pick and I cut my first two okra tonight! I can't cut basil fast enough. At least this has been a learning experience for how much to plant next year. Only a few basil plants, 3 cherry tomato plants, and I'm definitely planting my cucumbers separately from the rest of the garden. Anyway, I will write again soon about how we are coming along in our charity water fundraiser.

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