Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy and Charity Water Update

I know I've been terrible lately. I have been busy though. We have been enjoying our summer. Swimming and playdates mostly, but even just hanging out in the backyard and going for walks have made our summer relaxing and enjoyable. We have one more week left to our summer and then back to the grindstone. Until Labor Day weekend. We are taking a very long weekend trip to the beach for free. It's nice to work for designers who own beach houses :)
Noah also started martial arts. He can go anytime they have a class so we have been checking out as many times as possible to see which ones we like best. He really likes it. Nate should be starting baseball soon and with tennis starting soon I'm sure to be MIA and maybe develop an eye twitch trying to get from tennis to baseball in time to see the game.
So like I said we start school the 22nd. I'm trying to get some work done before we leave the 31st. I got our schedule completely finished, which, for 4 kids, is quite the feat. Especially since Amber is in 6th grade this year!!! I know right!! It completely blows my mind that she is a "middle school-er". Of course I use that loosely since she is homeschooled. We went to a funeral today at our old, old, old church. It was the church we attended when we got saved. Of course Amber was only 7 months old when we started attending this church and was 6 1/2 when we left. She got lots of accolades, that's for sure. She is growing up :(
Here's an update on Charity Water/Readathon: We broke $500!! That is just donations too! We still have to collect for the readathon, and we still are selling our spoon pendant necklaces that we have made. We can't participate in the Indie Market so I have plenty of stock to sell. I have filled orders for 9 so far. If you would like to purchase one to help us out let me know! We would love to reach our goal. We have about 35 more days and $227 left to go!! This is after we add in our money from the readathon. The girls read like crazy. Amber read 34 hours and Claire read 23 hours. That's $57 Just from us! I can't believe how close we are! We raised $128.50 just in our penny jar! Thank goodness it wasn't all pennies, but a lot of it was!! If you would like to see our progress or donate to our campaign feel free to check out our campaign page
Anyway, that's a pretty good update for what's been going on in our lives since I posted last. Sorry it's been so long. I hope to post again before school and maybe once after to let you know how our first week is going. After that I probably won't post again until after we get home from the beach.
Blessings :)

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