Sunday, August 14, 2011

Last deal at Staples

Ok, so I'm 99% sure that the last of the penny deals started today, so if you are needing loose leaf paper run (don't walk) to Staples to get your hands on some for a penny people! I (since I have my Staple's teachers rewards card on me every where I go) decided to swing by today on my way (or out of my way) home to get my hands on some before they were out. So, because I am a teachy teacher I got 25 packs for 25 cents. You do have to spend $5 to get the deal. But that's always easy for me. I bought some glue sticks, a very good quality pack of colored pencils (I bought 2 of the same pack last week for a dollar each, but the limit was 2 so I realized I wanted one more pack and the price went up to $4. they are very nice pencils though.) and some construction paper. Then my 25 packs of paper. The bad thing is finding a place to put it all. In the last 3 weeks I bought 25 composition books, 25 spiral notebooks, and 25 packs of paper. Not to mention all of the index cards, highlighters, pencils, glue bottles, pens, and erasers. And all of the other stuff that wasn't a penny that I got in order to get the penny deals. Anywho, the penny sale ends Wednesday, so if you need some grab your state teachers card and go get a teacher's reward card at Staples!!

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