Friday, August 19, 2011

First Day!!

Ok, so we were supposed to start school this coming Monday, but we were invited to go to the children's activities Monday for the US Open (I don't exactly know what that consists of, but I will certainly blog about it when I have time), so I wanted to get our work for Monday done to keep the rest of the week in order. So the only thing we didn't get to was music and typing. eh, no biggie.
Once we get the routine down and everyone (me) knows what we need to be doing, we will have the time for those too.
We did our math, language, writing, and some trampoline time. Just a few minutes helps with wiggles! ( I used to make them run laps around the yard). Then science and science activities. Today we made a body book. We read after. The girls do their independent reading while Noah does his on the computer and I do phonics with Nate, alternating with read aloud days for them. So Monday Noah works on the computer and Nate doing phonics and Tuesday I will read out loud to them.
Then we did our history and acted out the scene when Peter heals the beggar at the Beautiful Gate. We did art, carving styrofoam blocks and painting them for making prints. (studying Rembrandt). Tues and Thurs are poetry (robert louis stevenson). The girls reviewed their latin and Noah started English from the roots up. They all did some Explode the Code books. Anyway, it was a great first day. The best part is that Nate REALLY loves school this year. He is blowing me away. Today he memorized the brain, lungs, heart, stomach, liver, and intestines. The funniest thing though...he calls the intestines...antennas!! How cute is that??? awww.
Blessings :)

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