Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Open!

Well, we have been busy adjusting to mommy's new schedule for school. Tomorrow will be day5 at Grace and Truth Academy. The kids are doing a great job adjusting to the changes. We didn't really change much in ways of WHAT we are using as much as the ORDER of things. I have to say though that they are really showing me they can adjust to change pretty easily. I do have amazing kids (though I am somewhat partial :)
We started school last Friday to make room in the week for the OPEN!! That's right it came to town in all of it's fuzzy yellow glory and we were there!! My friend and I were invited by our tennis coach to come down for kids day and stay for the actual Open! So after playing tennis and tennis activities for about 2 hours we (after eating our FREE chicfila lunch) proceeded to the open itself. It was cool to see it live. The announcer had a very cool European accent. I couldn't understand anything she said really. Thank goodness for a very large screen. What was the kids favorite part of seeing live tennis pros you ask??? The speed of the serves. YEP. Every serve was on radar and the kids loved keeping track of which player had the faster serve. Homeschoolers.

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