Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 more days...

Well, I guess I should throw in a disclaimer here. If you love our dog, or any dog you may want to stop reading.
Our dog Daisy is only 4. (28 if you're like my kids and have to count her in dog years.ya.) So technically, she is still younger than I am. Anyway, last year before Thanksgiving she had a seizure. I took her to the vet and they checked her out and said that they didn't want to medicate her with her only having the one. If they became more frequent, we would have to reassess the situation.
That was the only one for about 4 months. Then she had another. About a month later another. Another in June. We took her to the vet and they put her on meds and we brought her back for bloodwork. They checked for stuff like parvo, heartworms, stuff I didn't really hear anything after they said that her blood looked good!! YAY for Daisy. The medicine was working, no seizures for a month.
Then she had one two weeks ago. Then another. Then Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and today;Thursday. Tim brought her to the vet again for MORE bloodwork Tuesday and we got the diagnosis. It can only be brain tumors. Our poor little (enourmous) baby has brain tumors. It has been a very hard week for us. Tim has to bring her in on Monday. So we have 3 more days with our dog. The kids and I leave for the beach at 12 Monday. That will be the last time we see her. It's depressing, but we don't have to watch her be in agonizing pain while she has the seizures anymore. Pray for my kids. This was our first real pet. I don't really count cats (we had one for a few months. We gave it away so I wouldn't go insane) and we had psycho hamsters. One killed the other and then the living one...well, it died. Anyway, they are super upset, at least the older 3 are. Nate fake cries. Then asks for a snack. But just pray that they will be ok. I think the beach will take their minds off of it, but when we come back home :(
Claire and Daisy (who looks very thrilled to be woken from her nap for amateur photography time)

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