Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We interrupt your sadness with a beach vacation...

Ok, so technically we weren't supposed to get here until tonight. But we got here about 4ish Monday. We couldn't take being home when Tim brought Daisy in and came home alone. So we said our very sad goodbye's to our loving pet and got in the van and drove to the beach. Tim joins us tonight and we are very excited. We really miss him. We are getting ready to go sit on the porch and check out our 25 lbs of shells we got on our approximate 4 mile walk last night. I am seriously aching right now. My poor hubby has been working like crazy and is really ready to get here and start vacation.
We are staying in a very nice beach house, so thank you Jeanie and Bill!! It's nice to be here early too because the beach is nearly empty! It's really cool. We are gonna go check out the pier tonight and walk around down near the bridge. We are hanging at the beach every day except Friday, we are going to head to the aquarium. The kids are excited because besides the fact that they love the aquarium, we get to ride the ferry. I know you probably think my kids are some deprived youngens, but it's pretty cool. Continue to pray for the kids. Amber couldn't sleep last night thinking about Daisy, and it's going to be really hard going back home and she's gone. Tim and I are debating if we should get a dog before winter or after. The kids really want one now, but we aren't sure. Anyway, my kids are going crazy to look at their shells and I'm holding them blogging time's up. Have a great rest of the week and I will resume some time next week. We come back Monday and have poetry Tuesday, so it will probably be the end of the week before I get on here again. Happy Labor Day!!

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