Saturday, September 10, 2011

Little Orphan Annie

Well, not anymore!! She is now part of our family. Tim and I couldn't take everyone crying every.single.night. "We miss Daisy, Daisy used to sleep in our room, I can't sleep without Daisy."

Apparently none of us could. Mostly because of the crying.

But we have been scouring since we were at the beach looking for potential doggies. Not too young, not too old, not too big, not too small. Not a pit bull, not a pit bull. Did I say that already?? You would not believe the amount of pit bulls on there!

We emailed a woman about an hour away who was fostering a beagle/terrier mix. She was 6 months old and adorable. I fell in love <3

The woman emailed us back and said that Annie was available. So I filled out an application and we picked her up at 11 this morning :) She has the features of a Jack Russell and a Beagle, and she is stinkin cute! She only weighs 14 pounds, and she probably won't get much bigger. It's a huge difference from 100 pounds to 14!! The kids are in absolute love with her. She follows them around everywhere, and viceversa! She won't replace Daisy, but she is a member of our family and we will love her, and play with her, and call her

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