Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I know, I know. Ok so Amber's tooth is great. They bonded it and you can't even tell it was broken! Amazing :)
Our new puppy is doing great. The kids love her so much. She's a sweetie.
School has been going well. The kids are adjusting to the new schedule well. We haven't had to make any big adjustments to the day yet. Nate is enjoying what he's been doing too, so that's been helpful. It's a big change from last year. And the year before. Where he would sit in the middle of the school table and hold my face while I was trying to give a history lesson. Fun. I made it through two years of toddler mayhem to make it here...and I like it a lot.
Noah started back to speech and enjoys it. We sit in the library again this year and do some school work. The kids still are afraid of the librarian (so am I honestly). They were impressed by the substitute last week. They said she didn't seem as mean. I guess that's a positive thing.
Poetry in the park was also great this week. It was our first week back and we switched the schedule, where we meet, and how we do it. It went pretty smoothly and we all had a great time. I will do a post on exactly what we changed soon. I've just had a lot going on this week. I will also be posting pictures of our fair projects next week. So, gotta go get ready for the DMV. yay.

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