Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Why is it that people call them terrible twos? I never had a terrible two. Ever. Not that I even consider my kids "terrible" at all. At least not in their entirety. Maybe in a certain moment I could consider their actions Terrible.
Take today for instance. I could call today an instance of terrbility. Ya, it's a word...now. In my world it is. Why you ask??? (if you didn't too bad. I'm answering why anyway.) Well, maybe because I had to spend about 15 minutes sitting with (on) Nathanael while my kids recited their poems and sang our folk song at Poetry today while he cried to run around yelling with his friend. Ya. Bad Momma. I know. I took away playing on the playground while all the other kids played. And he is now taking a nap every.single.day. And I may have taken away his next 3 birthdays. It's all a blur.
I remember Noah's first temper tantrum was at 4 too. It was during a field trip to an old school house. He never had any attitude problems until that day. It was amazing.
Nate never gives me a hard time here. Almost never. But when we have poetry or small groups on Sunday night it seems like it's his time to go all out. Hmm. Let's see how livid I can make mommy. Well, if that is his goal he really succeeds. 10 fold. I think my blood pressure was 289/217. Really.
On a more positive note, my little man Noah turned 7 yesterday!! He is growing up so much. He had 2 milestones in one day...he passed his test for his gold belt yesterday too!! In two months he passed 2 martial arts tests and has his second belt. Well, I had a long day: Cleaned out the boys room and closet, school, speech, consigned clothes, poetry in the park, home dinner, laundry, dishes. BED. Goodnight :)

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