Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Family Milestones-In Chronological Order

I'm not sure if this year was a big year as far as milestones go for you. This was a big year for us. I am going to add in the smaller ones along with the bigger ones for you. Enjoy!
*I am using the laptop so pics of Tim and Nate's bdays aren't on here. They turned 34 and 4.

First one is a bit sad. Our dog Daisy had to be put down because of brain tumors :( Not a great milestone, but a big loss to our family.

I turned 30. This is my impression of Biebs because my hubby thought it would be hilarious to buy me a Justin Bieber cake. It was hilarious. But I couldn't eat his head. I had this strange fear it would change who I am forever...Happy 30th Birthday mom. Eat Justin Bieber's face.

This isn't an actual picture of our anniversary, it's one we took at the beach. But Tim and I celebrated 10 years of marriage yesterday. LOVE<3
How sweet right? He gave me a bottle with a note in it. It quoted Proverbs 31 and some thoughts about me. Romantic :)

Noah turned 7. And on his 7th birthday he got 1. a pocket knife, and 2. his gold belt in martial arts!! What a day! Well, technically he didn't GET his belt...the ceremony is Monday, but he passed his test!! Yay for Noah!!
I know birthdays are every year, but 7 is a big birthday. At least in my mind. So, we still have 2 more birthdays. Claire will be 9 and Amber will be 11. I can't even think about 11 yet.
Well, I am in the middle of cutting down a tree, so I need to go. Have a great weekend and I will be back soon. I have a few more pics of some projects we have done in A&P and a post about poetry to put on here, but I've been a busy momma, so stay with me. I will be better, promise :)
Blessings :)

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