Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catch up

Ok so I am posting a catch up here. 1st up, Claire's bday: She made the cake, it's an artist's palette. She loves art. She did a great job too. And she is totally loving her art supplies.

Here is our science project that we worked on today...Digestion Land!! So here we enter into...Digestion Land through the mouth, of course!

Here is Claire's Esophagus Drop Zone and Noah's Stomach Bounce Around

Nate and I worked on the small intestine roller coaster and Amber did the (mouth entrance above and the) Large intestine water slide.

And Claire decided to wrap up digestion with Basket "bowl" with toilet seats for baskets. I suggested Feces Foul Shots, but the kids weren't into that surprisingly enough. So I am leaving tomorrow for my weekend with some mommies. I am so looking forward to this!! I will be back for a few days and then my mom will be in for a few weeks so I may not be the best at unusual right??? So prayers for my hubs and the kiddos to have a blast while I'm away.

Oh, I almost forgot I finally downloaded pics of my window chalkboard... and the wall where it takes it's residence. The paint job is kinda cruddy, but I love it and use it continuously. Well, I am going to hit the hay, so I hope you all have a wonderfully amazing weekend and I will be back soon :)

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K1demmin said...

Great use of an old window! And kudos for homes educating your precious children. I also homeschool and for those LONG Algebra or Calculus problems that need more than a sheet of paper to figure, I give my boys a dry erase marker and let them write on the large glass patio slider doors. "Think outside the box!"