Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, hello!! Tomorrow we are having Claire's 9th birthday. I have been dying to give her the birthday gifts that have been sitting in my closet for over 2 yay for that!! I went loco at Hobby Lobby (I LOVE that store!) and bought her beaucoup art supplies! I mean canvas', watercolor pencils, notebooks, pastels, how to sketch books, drawing pencils, a wooden human model, brushes, and other things I can't remember. Her Nana bought her a table easel that came with all new color pencils in the best colors. Even metallics and flourescents. She will be so excited!!
So, I made my chalkboard window that I have been putting off for ever. I was going to go with a magnet board, but I decided chalk was easier and I use my metal door for a magnet board. I'll take a picture tomorrow when I get my camera out for the birthday party.
I am already planning some cool Christmas crafts. I will start my crafting when my mom comes in on the 16th. We are going to spend our time around the house doing crafts and such. The kids love doing that stuff and making cookies all together.
Any Christmas plans? We have some but I can't talk about that yet. You'll have to wait till after Grammy leaves before I can spill those beans ;)
We will also be doing some Saturday school to make up for how much history and science we will be missing while she's here. yay for that. Well, I'm going to go watch Captain America so have a great night!!

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