Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi there! It's been a while, and I'm happy to say it's not because I have been uber busy. I actually have had a pretty nice week. I made several attempts to blog, but realized I would bore some poor folks to death and I couldn't bear the thought of that responsibility.
Tim has actually had most of Wednesday (I helped him unload and reload the truck), almost all of Thursday off, and all of Friday off...thank goodness for salary right!!
We've just been hanging out as a family. Had to go do some shopping for warm clothes for Noah. Poor kid. I consign for all of my kids fall and spring. Let me just tell you though...the hardest one to get clothes for is Noah. He just turned 7, and 7 year old boys are not super easy on their clothes. If you don't believe me come and check out his drawers. Noah is a funny boy. When he gets this one certain pair of pants he wears them until he completely.wears.them.out. And I don't mean, oh these pants are starting to get a worn look, I mean if the last 1 inch holding the pants together just under the knee tears the kids going to be wearing shorts worn out. And apparently other moms think that I (or moms of other 7 year old boys) actually want to buy their sons jeans that are in the same condition. For $10. I don't even want to pay $10 for brand new pants, never mind someone's worn out wholly, falling apart pants. I don't care if they are polo, or gucci, or Ghandi's. No way. Wow. Sorry about that. Anyway, we had to take that boy shopping.Clothes are expensive too. He needed pants, shirts, and a coat. We went to every thrift store and found almost nothing for him. I had to take him to Target, Kohl's, and Walmart to finally get him a few pairs of pants and shirts. The kid is a stick and can't wear pants unless they have the adjustable waist in them, so that pretty much rules out the cheaper pants that I would like to buy. Also, the big kids clothes (Noah wears a 7 now) are as much as adult clothes!! I saw pants in the boys section that were more than the pants I bought! His coat was more than Tim's was!! It's nearly unbearable to spend that kind of money on stuff. I miss teh days when I could buy everything for everyone at consignment sales. Ah. Memories. My kids are growing up :(

And let me just tell you...I'm not feeling Goodwill anymore. I bought a sweater there and a few other items. I really love this sweater. Its American Eagle. I can't afford to even walk in to AE anymore. Maybe 2 kids ago, but now mommy shops clearance and off season and yard sales. So when I pay the cashier tells me that all name brand clothes are $7. Why you ask??? They are trying to compete with our local high end consignment stores. Which means this: The consignment store (which PAYS for the clothes they get from people) charges about $7-$10 for a sweater like the one I bought. So they only make about $4-$6 for the sweater and then they have to pay their bills, workers, ect...Now Goodwill receives their items for FREE. They aren't a consignment store. I donate clothes to them regularly. So people donate items to them and they in turn hike up their prices for people to pay who can't afford to shop at other places. I know that Goodwill does a lot with the money that they receive, but I am not pleased with the amount they are charging. Do all Goodwill's do this? I saw a watch there for $20! That's crazy. In my opinion. I am cheap. that may be what the problem is. Does anyone else have a problem with this??

Well, I'm going to go watch the rest of the games and cry. I can't believe the Saints are losing to the Rams. Really people? It's bittersweet to have NFL Sunday Ticket sometimes. If the Panthers win and the Saints lose how can I show my face at Bible study tonight?? Just kidding...but not...
Blessings :)

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