Friday, April 27, 2012

I know, epic failure of a blogger. Honestly, I have had no desire to continue blogging. Life has become so busy I have made my priorities and this was not one. Our school year is coming to an end. My 6th and 2nd grader will test next week and then we only have a few more days. Then I will most likely get back on some sort of blogging routine. The reason I'm posting is really for HomeschoolFreebieoftheDay. They are having this awesome giveaway. Here is the link. Check it out. If that doesn't work here is another link. There are some serious goods here.
If you are not familiar with hsfotd, if you sign up you get a weekly email with a list of which freebies they will post on their site for each day of the week. For example, today's resource is access to a website that has K-12 Grammar lessons and exercises. I bookmarked it and plan to make full use of it. And it's free! I have countless audios (like Paul Revere, Abraham Lincoln, Little Women) which are old radio shows from their sister site. Check out their site and see what you think. And while you're their sign up for the giveaway.

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