Saturday, July 21, 2012

2012-2013 School Year

Well, I am very close to having everything we need for our school year.  I have really had  very little time to blog, so I figured I would do a post about what we're using this year and how things will be different from previous years.
First thing: I now have a 7th grader!! I can hardly believe it. I still remember our first day of kindergarten! It's amazing how quickly the time goes! Well, this year is going to be more challenging because instead of our science being for the whole group, Amber will be doing General Science...alone.  Well, not completely alone, but without me reading it out loud and going over everything step by step with her like with the younger ones...yikes!
On top of this I am officially starting school with Nate. He has done plenty of pre-k stuff, but this year is kindergarten! Wow! Academically he could have started last year, but he wasn't ready in other ways. He couldn't sit still long enough to get anything out of all! haha. Seriously though, he just couldn't handle it and our days would have been chaos and a battle that I wasn't willing to have. so I just decided to wait and I'm so incredible glad I did.

So here is my list of what we will use:
*Apologia who am I and what am I doing here? Bible study
Spelling Power for the 3 oldest
Mystery of History vol. 2
*Apologia Science Elementary Series-Astronomy
^Apologia General Science
^Language Lessons for the very young-Nate
^English for the Thoughtful Child 2-Noah
*Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 2-Claire
^Language Lessons for the High School Student- Amber
Mapping the World by Heart Ebay
+Latina Christiana II
+English From the Roots Up
Teaching Textbooks 7-Amber ebay
Teaching Textbooks 6-Claire ebay
math Mammoth 3-Noah
*Critical Thinking Co. Math A-Nate
Rosetta Stone Spanish, Latin America
*Explode the Code 1
Shakespeare with Children ebay (we are going to put on Romeo and Juliet this year!)
^Pictures in Cursive
^Printing with Pictures
*Callirobics (a writing program that helps with making smooth lines for neater printing and cursive readiness)
Reading Eggs-Nate (online reading program that we used last year and is one of the best reading programs I have ever used)

Most of this I purchased used either from our local homeschool bookstore that specializes in buying and selling used curriculum (I put a ^ next to everything purchased from there), or from ebay. In fact last night I purchased Amber's math for $85...which retails for $149 and Shakespeare with Children for about $10 cheaper than Amazon.
I really suggest looking around to find the best price. Unfortunately, now is not the time. Everyone (like me) is mad dash trying to find what they want for the upcoming school year. I suggest either spring or fall. It's really the best time to get the best least on ebay or amazon.
I start making preparations for the school year in May. That way I know what I want and start watching for it then. I picked up a few things at a used curriculum sale which is also a great place to find some cool things. (these are marked by a + )
Everything else was purchased at the homeschool conference in our state. I put an * next to everything purchased new (but never full price. I even bargain shop the conference. BTW Rainbow Resource is a very cheap place to  get most homeschool goodies)
If you are ever looking for a good deal on homeschool resources look at Homeschool Buyers Coop too. You can sign up for their emails and they sell things at a percentage off. I am buying reading eggs 25% cheaper there and Math Mammoth will be 50% off starting August 1st. Rosetta Stone is regularly on there for 20% off their regular price as well.
Well, that's my list! If you'd like to ask any questions feel free to comment and I will try to get  back to you as soon as I can. I hope that you all have a great rest of your weekend!!

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