Thursday, June 26, 2008

Something Really Cool

The coolest thing happended to me Tuesday night! Around 6 o'clock our phone rang and it was Tim's aunt from NH. Her and her husband were driving through after buying an RV. They didn't get here until about 9 o'clock that night but we got to visit with them for a little while.
While they were here, we found out they can read and translate french. When I received all of the pictures of my dad from Canada, I also received a 4 page letter written in French. I picked out a few words. I knew it said my husband was handsome. (tim liked that part!) I also picked out that I had beautiful children and that my aunt and uncle had 3 children.
Not exactly ready for Paris.
I found out so much about my grandparents. They did live on a farm and my grandfather was a farmer and a contractor. He also owned a store. My dad's family was pretty well off until my grandfather passed away at 52. That coupled with the depression was devastating to them. My dad went to work as a kitchen helper in a logging camp to help his mom.( I knew about my dad going to work in the logging camp and this stuff, I am just setting the scene for how hard life was for them.) He was 12. He only went to school until 5th grade. My aunts went to school, then work after. My Uncle Morris went to work in a coal mine and later died from black lung. My grandmother was very generous and giving. She gave whatever she had . She opened her house to boarders to help with the cost of the living.
My Aunt Therese(or Theresa,my dad's sister-in-law) told me that she was one of 19 children! And people think I am crazy. She was raised on a farm and they still live in that house at 80 years of age. The whole family gets together all the time. Family is so important to them. That's their heritage though.
Anyway, I know that this wasn't a usual post, but I was so excited to get this letter translated and find out about my family. It is something for me to pass on to my kids about my dad and his family.

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