Thursday, July 3, 2008

A New Day

Some days are great. Everything goes great and you feel like God is smiling on you and only you.
Some days...not so great.
Tuesday was one of those days for me. The day wasn't bad, but the evening, well, not so great.
I let my attitude ruin the whole night. I just wouldn't let go of my anger. It was so selfish. Everything I learned while studying to teach on love for Wednesday was null and void. I wouldn't move on.
The wonderful thing is Wednesday was a new day. I had confessed my anger and my unforgiving attitude. I took my new day that I was given and was glad in it.
Sometimes we feel like we should keep up a front like everything is ok. I know that for years, for me anyway, I thought that. Everyone around me had it together. We never saw people struggle. We never saw REAL people. Then when something happened it was shocking. We thought they couldn't be what they claimed to be because they didn't have it all together. We were so wrong. All of the people who "had it all together" really didn't. They had been sold a lie through the generations. That holiness is how you act when people are around. But really, it is all about who you are when NO ONE is around. It's easy to fool people, God is unfoolable. You can't fool Him. When we act like we are perfect, we are telling God that His new day is unnecessary. Would we ever tell God verbally " No thanks God, I don't need the chance to make ammends with others or you"? Probably not. Our actions say more than our words though.

I am thankful for the new day. I mess up alot. I am so thankful for forgiveness. I sure need it, and alot.

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