Saturday, July 12, 2008

A different time

Wow!  It has been forever!  Seriously, I haven't had my computer since the beginning of the week.  You don't know what you've got till its gone!  I love my new computer though!  Thank you to my brother-in-law for hooking it up.  Props to you Greg.  He ordered and assembled every piece.  

It is very fast.  I don't have to wait 10 mins for a web page to open... It is seriously seconds.  I didn't know that was possible.  

It is amazing that I am so intrigued.  Our world has made it so easy to do everything.  Sometimes I like to think back to the time when the picture of my dad was taken.  It was 1940.  He lived through the depression.  He ate potato and onion pie.  (I actually told Tim this story lastnight while we were eating steak at Outback. We actually went on a date.  It was a big occasion.!) He worked from 12 until he died at 63. He never graduated.  He cried one Christmas, the first Christmas with my mom, because she bought him an exercise machine and a pair of cowboy boots.  He hadn't had a Christmas present in  33 years.  I think back to times like that and wonder where things changed.  Why are we so dependent on stuff.  On cell phones.  Before I moved to my current residence, I didn't have a cell phone.  Now I don't leave the house without one.  I would love to live before this time. This time of technology.  

Obviously, it was harder to live then.  More work, more responsibility.  But things were simpler.   I would love it.

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