Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our camping trip

So for summer vacation we decided to try our hand at camping. My husband and I have both been camping before separately, but never together and surely never with 4 children...
It was great! Any time I get to cook over open flames is naturally a blast, but our kids loved it too! We went to the Creeper Trail in White Top/Damascus Va. Amazing place. If you are ever up for a 17 1/2 mile bike ride, it's the place.The unfortunate side of our excursion: It down poured like nobody's business. Yep. When we pulled up to our campsite and started to set up our tents the sky opened up and we were drenched. Thankfully it stopped long enough to set up our tents, for me to cook a nice dinner of beef and veggie kabobs, and for us to enjoy a few smore's before we once again were in a soaking rain. We woke up, made some eggs, bacon, sausage, and toast over a fire (Thankfully there are these great camping griddles that Tim's uncle brought along...awesome!) ;packed up and headed to the bike trail. It is 17 1/2 miles that used to be train tracks, but have been ripped out and made into a great bike trail. It winds through the woods beside a small river. Amazing! So up top are some pictures from the camp site the first night and the next morning. Nate is trying to chop wood with wood in one of them...ya, I know. The bottom pics are from the trail ride. It was a beautiful day, but we couldn't help but try to get through kind of quickly with rain in the forecast again. We did stop a few times and enjoy the amazing scenery and the cool water. It was so beautiful (and refreshing!).

We left the trail and headed back to our campsite for dinner; smoked sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes and rice; then enjoyed a shower from heaven...complete with thunder and lightning. We decided that if we survived the flood (ha ha) that we would pack up in the morning, while it was not pouring, and head home. We did. Thankfully we missed the real flooding which occurred about 7 hours after we left. No ha ha here. There was flash flooding in that area from about 5 pm until the next day.
All in all we loved our trip though. We may have gotten a little wet, but we enjoyed being in creation with our kids...who could ask for more?!!!

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