Monday, November 29, 2010

How I almost lost my cool in the Dollar Tree

So I tried to just add this one into the other, but my pictures were being crazy and not letting me. So here is a whole post about how I almost made a "moment" in the Dollar Tree.

We went to the dollar tree for a few items. We wanted to do an Advent study with the kids, but I didn't have the things I needed to make an advent wreath. So, I found a small wreath, and I bought some pretty tealight holders (I wanted to be original, I'm not good with being normal) and tealights. And I got a big candle for the middle. While I am comparing my tealight holders to the traditional candlestick holders a woman who is up in years ( I really don't know a nice way to say old, like 70's. I'm sorry) complements the candle holders. "Yes, they are nice aren't they?" I reply. I get the kids opinion and I'm putting back the stick holders. "Are these all your children?" she asks me. yup. I get that at least twice an outing. I really can't understand why. Who on earth would want to take random children shopping? Not me! Or, part of me wants to be ugly and tell her that I collect kids and old people. I take the children out, but leave the old ones at home in the attic. I mean why do people find the need to count my kids. I mean I do it, but that's just to make sure no one's missing. (Good thing I do it too, I almost left one at church once!).
Then came the icing on my crap cake. "Oh no, don't tell me you homeschool" and she rolled her eyes. YUP. Oh, in my head I was like "OH no she di-n't" but with that accent that is so hard to portray in writing. You know the one. It's got a finger snapping and maybe a hair fling. Like if I wore fake nails I'd be popping them off to fight or something.
So much is rushing through my head. Like how I wished I had brought the kids testing result with me that day. Or how I wanted to tell Amber to introduce herself to the lady and then, very strangely say "There is your socialization today Amber" and walk away. Or I wanted to tell her that she was an ignorant piece of doodie and should really think before she rolls her eyes at someone's personal decision on how to educate their children.
Then I looked in my cart. I saw the makings of our advent wreath. That was enough for me. I knew that my kids were there watching me and they knew we were there to get things to prepare for the coming of Christ. We learned all about the history of advent, and the advent wreath. We learned what it meant to really be excited about His coming. Both His first and His last. I just did what I thought I should and said "YES I DO." And walked away. It was definitely the grace of God that allowed me to do that. I normally have a comeback for people who try to corner me about homeschooling or even having 4 kids. But today wasn't the day for that.

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