Monday, November 29, 2010

A look at our weekend

Well, we had a great weekend. We had Thanksgiving at our house at about 1:30. Then we went to our friends house for another Thanksgiving. Needless to say, we ate alot of food...I am so glad the leftovers are GONE!

When we left their house I dropped Tim off at our pastor's house so they could go Black Friday Shopping. Yes. They left at 9:30. They didn't get home until like 5:30. I left at 8:15 for Burlington Coat Factory and the Mall! I do enjoy walking through the mall without kids. I love my kids and I love taking them shopping. I just love to be in the mall alone. I scored big for the girls at Children's Place. That has been my favorite store since we moved here in 2001. They didn't have one where we lived in NH. Now that we have 4 and I stay home, they usually only get mall clothes after they have belonged to someone else. Oh, and I also got my new camera!!! Tim had to wait in line at Target forever, but he got one!!Yay!!! I have been playing with it all weekend. This post is proof!!

The next day we all went to the Daniel Boone in and ate a breakfast of champions...
Here are the girls on the way there

Here is one of 3 tables that made up our group. It just happens to be our table too...odd. Look at all 6 of those beautiful kids!

Here's the hubby and the kids outside of the Mast General Store.Very cool place.

Then, after church Sunday, we decorated our tree~It's a tradition to buy the tree Friday and decorate it Sunday. The kids did a great job.
Here they are being silly.

And we set up our Nativity on Sunday too. When we came home Saturday our friend's dad was outside setting up the stable. I know this is a picture of the back of it, but it was funny to see our neighbor standing next to the stable with a pretend shotgun. He's like baby Jesus' secret service or something. Kids are hilarious.

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