Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Media Fast is over

Hi. Ok, the media fast. My husband called to tell me last Monday morning that we (as a family) should undergo a media fast. I said ok and that I would talk to the kids about it. So, I told our kids that for a whole week we would not be watching television or getting online. At first they were a little troubled...we don't watch very much tv at all and they rarely use the computer outside of school purposes (our math program is computer based, Teaching Textbooks, and they use a typing program).
Later that day my husband decided to fill me in since he neglected all of the details in our earlier conversation...It wasn't a full media fast, just during anytime that he was home for us as a family. Well, I had already posted my "media fast" so I decided that I still would not post for the week. I did need to check emails but other than that I really tried to keep my computer time to under 15 mins a day. That was really good for me.
I feel like we all learned something very valuable from the whole experience though. It was really nice to just spend an entire week together without any distractions. We all really enjoyed that alot. Even though the kids usually don't watch alot of tv or use the computer it was fun to just spend time every night together and just enjoy eachother's company. We are still trying to keep this going every night, but Tim will be working late this week with Thanksgiving coming up. They cram 5 days into 3. We are planning to have a great Thanksgiving staycation together though. Lots of fun things going on this weekend!
Well, I better go. I have 3 pumpkin pies in the oven, one waiting to go in, and 2 apple pies cooling now. I didn't get to the cheesecakes yet. We have band tonight, so I will have to wait until tomorrow to start those. I also need to practice my trombone so I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I hope to post tomorrow on what each person in our family is thankful for!

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