Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Sun, The Sun!!!

Today was a beautiful day. I love warmness. It was around 70 today. Tomorrow...80!! I'm so excited. Summer is close. While most hate the heat and humidity of a summer in our location, I LOVE it. You will never hear "I'm hot" out of my mouth. Unless I'm trying to get out of jumping on the scalding hot trampoline at 2 pm when it's about 100. Other than that though...nope.
Love Summer!!

Winter on the other hand is my nemesis. It's my kryptonite. (That may be spelled incorrectly, but it's not really real, so I never had it on any spelling tests :) I come as close to hibernation as a person can. Except I never get to sleep. Ok, it's more like hermitation. Where I stay in as much as possible, to the point where all of my crazy neighbors think I've taken the kids (because they hate the cold too) and run off somewhere. Then the sun comes back with all of it's wonderfulness and here we all come out of our house with our squinty eyes and pale skin. Only to become the tannest family ever because we stay outside from April till September/October. Yes, then it all comes to an end. Sure we get a day here and there, but it's only a tease until spring and then we celebrate.
Anyway, so we raced through school today so we could do our art. Outside. In the sun. We oil painted for the first time today. When I buy batteries for my camera and the canvas' actually dry, I will take pictures to post. Oil paint is not my favorite medium. I prefer acrylic. I may not be an artist by any means, obviously when you see my painting, but it's too pasty for me. I guess it would be good at certain times, for certain effects, but it was fun to try something new. Then we jumped on the trampoline, I planted some seeds in some pots, I started to sand down my cocktail table and I cooked some dinner on the grill. Pretty productive day. I will be scouring the internet for some ideas to revamp my giant, square, beat up cocktail table to look nice in front of my new sectional. We changed around the living room and I'll be painting that NEXT weekend. Once I get it painted I'll post pics of that too. Maybe, seems like I say that a lot and then forget. I have no idea why I do that....right.

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